National MX

S.A National MX Championship Round 3.

Photo Credit: Zygmund Brodalka

Words by: Deon vdl.

National MX
Full on action...

Round 3 of the National MX did not go quite the way everyone was expecting. A very prime circuit was waiting for the riders at BORC on raceday. KTM dominated proceedings and the Japanese brands put in a very strong showing for the day with Yamaha taking a number of very well deserved podiums. Kawasaki also made it onto the top step with some of the usual podium punters having a fairly forgettable day. The atmosphere was electric, racing was fierce and fast with most of the racers seemingly spurred on by the potential of fresh podium opportunities. BORC saw some really hot national action.

National MX
#34 Joshua-Zion Naude 50cc.


Lined up first behind the gates were the 50cc class riders and as the gates dropped the youngsters kicked off race day with a bang. Race 1 saw #34 Joshua-Zion Naude in 1st, #20 Luan Jordaan 2nd and #117 Trey Dean 3rd. Giving KTM their first top three results. 

In Race 2 things got intense at the end of the race as #34 Joshua-Zion Naude just clinched 1st place over the reigning champ #1 Riley Geldenhuys who finished in 2nd and #20 Luan Jordaan 3rd. Giving KTM full points in both races.

National MX
50cc Overall Results.
National MX
#198 Adam Bac MX Senior Support.

MX Senior Support.

Race 1 had the Japanese bikes out in front to claim the top three spots. #198 Adam Bac on his Kawasaki took 1st, #96 Teagan Austin (Honda) 2nd and #21 Stephan Maischatz (Yamaha) – 3rd.

Keeping the momentum, Race 2 had the same results as the first seeing Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha cross the line as the top three finishers. #198 Adam Bac 1st, #96 Teagan Austin 2nd and #21 Stephan Maischatz in 3rd place.

National MX
MX Senior Support Overall Results.
National MX
#135 Dean Wheeler MX3.
National MX
#121 Jonathan Hubbard MX Vets.

MX3 & MX3 Vets combined.

An all out Yamaha trio claimed top honours in Race 1 with #135 Dean Wheeler taking 1st, #99 Levi Doherty 2nd and #121 Jonathan Hubbard 3rd.

Race 2 was all about Yamaha and their Japanese justice creating another carbon copy with another victory for #135 Dean Wheeler, #99 Levi Doherty 2nd and #121 Jonathan Hubbard 3rd. Smiles all around as Yamaha takes all three steps on the podium.

National MX
MX3 Overall Results.
National MX
MX3 Vets Overall Results.
National MX
#21 Emmanuel Bako 125 High School.

125cc High School.  

A KTM rider claimed another win as #21 Emmanuel Bako took 1st, #16 Kade van Deventer (GASGAS) 2nd and #444 Tristan Durow 3rd taking another 20 points for KTM.

KTM riders pulled out all the tricks again to claim full points in Race 2. #37 Trey Cox 1st, #444 Tristan Durow 2nd and right there next to him #21 Emmanuel Bako in 3rd. 


With only #29 Blake Frost entered into this class he was uncontested and took full points not just for him but KTM as well.

National MX
125cc High School Overall Results.
National MX
Supermini Overall Results.
National MX
#151 Dalton Venter MX1.


KTM Factory Racer #1 Cameron Durow  made good for his brand as he claimed 1st place with #337 Slade Smith (Husqvarna) 2nd and #87 Davin Cocker (Husqvarna) 3rd.

With pure domination #1 Cameron Durow collected himself a well deserved win, #151 Dalton Venter (Yamaha) 2nd and #87 Davin Cocker 3rd.

National MX
MX1 Overall Results.
National MX
#42 Aiden Retief 65cc.


After the flag came out it was another 1. 2. 3 for KTM. Winning the race was #42 Aiden Retief, #30 Brody Bircher 2nd and #404 Rhys Carl Wentzel 3rd.

#42 Aiden Retief was just too much to handle as he took the double win in Race 2. #30 Brody Bircher 2nd and #345 Rayden Wools (Husqvarna) coming in 3rd.

National MX
65cc Overall Results.
National MX
#176 Leah Heygate MX Ladies.

MX Ladies. 

A great performance had #176 Leah Heygate (KTM) gliding around the track to take 1st. GASGAS Factory rider #1 Kayla Raaff 2nd and #32 Ivana Venter (Husqvarna) 3rd.

With a bold statement to the reigning champ #176 Leah Heygate took a massive win to make it two in a row. #1 Kayla Raaff 2nd and #32 Ivana Venter with another 3rd.

National MX
MX Ladies Overall Results.
National MX
#28 Evan Frost 85cc.


Race 1 was quite the battle with a very close call finish. In the end #418 Cruz Martin (Husqvarna) crossed 1st, #28 Evan Frost (KTM) 2nd and #234 Cassie van Zyl (KTM) 3rd.

It was an all orange affair in Race 2 as #28 Evan Frost placed 1st, #280 Kabelo Ledwaba (KTM) 2nd and #94 Trenton Kretzmann (KTM) 3rd.

National MX
National MX
#1 Cameron Durow MX2.


With his eye firmly on another championship win, KTM rider #1 Cameron Durow grabbed the win, #259 Jonathan Mlimi (KTM) 2nd and GASGAS Team rider #25 Ricky Raaff 3rd.

Race 2 the fans saw a quadruple win (in two separate classes) by #1 Cameron Durow as he guns for his second consecutive double Championship Titles. #259 Jonathan Mlimi 2nd and #450 Luke Grundy (KTM) 3rd.

National MX
MX2 Podium.
National MX

We can’t wait for the next  one. Round 4 takes place at Teza MX Track the 15th of June.

Until then keep it pinned. 

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