Vintage MX

Vintage MX Series Round 1.

Photos by: Sean Versfeld Cloud 9 Photography

Words by: Deon van der Linde

We all know about the S.A Classic TT racing, where we get to see all the old bikes take to the tarmac. What about all those, almost forgotten dirt bikes from way back? Why aren’t these bikes being kept in South African racing regularly and immortalised history?

A question asked by so many all around our country. One man, a collector of vintage dirt bikes, Ty Taylor feels the same way so he and his Team, (the Hooligan MX Team), did what we all want and need, they put a racing series together so the people can either dust off and/or restore their old dirt bikes and get to race them once again. The Inland MX Series opened their doors and joined forces.

Vintage MX
Great fun on some cool old school bikes.

Nina Zobenica, the team manager started planning and organising to such an extent that everything began to take shape and became reality at Dirt Bronco for the series debut on the 10th of February this year. The Heritage MX event is not only for old bikes but for new and first-time riders/racers so they too can participate and have a go at the racing scene, in the VMX Open Class. The VMX Evo class is for riders to be competitive on older and cheaper motorbikes.

Vintage MX
#677 Bertus Bekker Riding in the VMX Evo class.

Ty Taylor and the owner of the Hooligan MX Team and main sponsor Ricardo Carvalho, believe that much in this series and actually loan bikes to some riders from their own personal collection.

Hooligan team members rode some awesome machines, Ty Taylor and Adriano Catalano both rode the same 2000 KX500, Neo Sanders rode a 1997 KX125, Wesley on a 1993 CR500, Jarred Eve on a 2001 KX250 and they even roped in team Coach Shannon Terreblanche to ride a 2003 KX250.

Vintage MX
Ty Taylor on his 2000 Kawasaki KX500 the bike that sparked the idea of the series.

Gareth Ireland joined in by bringing along several riders from The VMX South Africa Community to share in the day’s festivities. Linex Yamaha had a display of merchandise. Swagga Breweries were there with a beer garden for the spectators and incidentally – Swagga will be at every Inland event this year. There was also a choice of food stalls to choose from. Sean Versfeld from Cloud 9 Photography will be the main Photographer for the series. The Nomad Project was there to capture some epic drone footage. Spear Graffix also chipped in and sponsored the trophies. 

Vintage MX
Some assistance might be required.

This is one racing series that has to get a good following and strong support and keep the old bikes alive and racing.

Here are the race results for the day:


1st #19 Darrel Lehman

2nd #44 Darren Bailie

3rd #159 Adrian Macguire

Open Support (Limited entries, any bike.):

1st #11 Sarel Prinsloo

2nd #777 Asher Brown

3rd #28 Neo Sanders


1st #55 Gabriella Olivier

2nd #210 Catherine Mostert

3rd #99 Michelle Kinnear

Vintage MX
#55 Gabriella Olivier winner of the Ladies class.

VMX Twin shock (Double rear shock bikes.):

1st #171 Gareth Ireland

2nd #47 Shaun Lloyd

2-Stroke only (old or new bikes.):

1st #100 Sean Strunkheide

2nd #746 Adriano Catalano

3rd #8 Alastair Erasmus

125cc High School (old or new bikes.)

1st #777 Asher Brown

2nd #13 Thomas Spear

3rd #247 Casey Lloyd

Vintage MX
#47 Shaun Lloyd on his Twinshock.

VMX Evo (Bikes 20 years old up to 250cc.)

1st #77 Shannon Terreblanche

2nd #19 Darrel Lehman

3rd #677 Bertus Bekker

VMX Open (Bikes 20 years old 250cc and higher.)

1st #47 Shaun Lloyed

2nd #187 Ty Taylor

3rd #8 Gareth Ireland

Vintage MX
#8 Gareth Ireland VMX Open class.

There will be only 2 Rounds this year to gauge interest and see if the series will actually take off.

So, if you are an owner of a vintage dirt bike and want to get back on track or loan it to a rider to bring it back to track day glory, why not come join us for the Vintage MX Series Round 2 being held at ERORA on the 24th of August.

See you there.  

For any inquiries about the series or if you want to join the VMX family please contact:

Nina Zobenica on 079 969 0158 or via

                                             The winners, trophies sponsored by Spear Labels. 

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