Northern Regions Motocross Championship Round 1.

The first round of the NRMX Championship was a dirty brawl in the dust and mud where chaos and action met. The mud brought on the chaos with all the elbows out, fast paced action taking place in the dust.

The muddy, dusty battle field.

Crowds started making their way track side as the practice session gave way to Heat 1. Eight races per Heat, some with more than one class per race. The first riders up were the MX3, the seasoned riders, or older than others. But most come with years of experience. This brings a race of expertise and years spent on the track sharing their sweat and blood to inspire the younger racers to keep chin up, dust yourself off and keep on going.

A very muddy start.

A muddy start saw all classes racing off to do battle in the dust. The track varied from mud bogs to dust bowls and back again, and infested with ruts everywhere, with the racer either battling each other bogged down with mud or choking on the dust – a day not for the faint hearted.  The mud took many victims, especially in the smaller bike classes, the MX50cc class had more pick-up marshals on track than riders, with blue reflective vested dads running everywhere to help get a little racer back on track. This just added to the non-stop thrills and spills the Legends Adventure Farm served up to entertain the fans and keep them not only on their toes but jumping up and down in either anticipation at all the action taking place.

Small people on small bikes struggling a bit.
More victims.
A hard day for dads wearing blue reflectors.

Here are the results from the two heats, the overall results had not been made public at the time of publishing this article.

MX3: The Masters class;

It was Dean Wheeler’s up day with a #135 domination. Closest competitor came in Heat 1, as #94 Keegan du Plooy trailing behind with almost 12 sec’s but still taking 2nd, #100 Sean Strukheide 3rd

Heat 2 had Wheeler seeing off his competition by 57sec. This time he was followed by the #45 bike of Jaycee Nienaber in 2nd and du Plooy 3rd.

#135 Dean Wheeler

MX3 Vets;

The Uncles, the Dad’s….  the Older men

We watched in awe as we saw the racers take to the track. #15 Jonathan du Plooy led the charge as he took a 1st in heat 1, #58 Warrick Peeters 2nd and #62 Martin Beacom 3rd

Heat 2 saw the exact same results as the first. Du Plooy crossing 1st, Peeters 2nd and Beacom 3rd.

#15 Johnathan du Plooy

MX3 Senior Support;

A class with people who have some well known names in the racing scene. Heat 1 had #34 Greg Geldenhuys taking the dirt all the way to 1st place, #73 Brandon Wheeler 2nd and #64 Shayne Steenkamp 3rd

Heat 2 had Wheeler one upping Geldenhuys for 1st. Greg rode well for his 2nd and Steenkamp took a second 3rd for the day.

#34 Greg Geldenhuys

MX 125cc;

Heat1 saw 27 riders all lined up at the start and when the gates dropped all hell broke loose. It was mud flying in one direction and dust clouds in the other. In the end it was #37 Trey Cox who managed to cross the line in 1st place, #268 Ryan Adler trailing by 3.575sec in 2nd and #141 Christian Berrington-Smith 3rd

Heat 2 it was Adler who persisted and he rode off with a 3.858sec win over #121 Lucas Venter in 2nd and #114 Damien Venter taking 3rd.

MX 125cc B;

With only two riders in the B class heat 1 and 2 had the same results #56 Jason Venter winning both and #150 Drikus van der Merwe 2nd.

#268 Ryan Adler.

MX 85cc;

It was a great fun watching these riders taking the fight to one another but Heat 1 was taken by #94 Trenton Kretzmann by 8.779sec over #418 Cruz Martin who came in 2nd and #234 Cassie van Zyl 3rd

Heat 2 had seen Martin giving Kretzmann a run for his money, Kretzmann won but this time by only 2.501sec. Martin took 2nd again and this time it was #83 Jamie Peterson in 3rd.

MX 85cc B;

The B class also only had two riders and had the same results also. #40 Tyler Reyneke got 1st place in both races and #313 Matlhatsi Seleke 2nd.

#94 Trenton Kretzmann

MX Ladies;

The new GASGAS model rode by the reigning Champ #1 Kayla Raaff did not disappoint her or the fans as she annihilated the Ladies class in Heat1 as she won by 1:16.710 sec. a fantastic race by Raaff. #35 Megan Jonker took a well-deserved 2nd with #32 Ivana Venter 3rd

Once again it was Raaff that was just too fast for the competition and took 1st place again by 37.452sec. Venter had a much better run as she took 2nd place and Jonker 3rd.

#1 Kayla Raaff


An absolute race of pure power and skill, a race where almost every spectator was track side. Another class dominated by a #1 plate rider, KTM South Africa’s Cameron Durow wasn’t going to be stopped as he kept it pinned down and rode his way to 1st place by 36.808 sec. #81 Jayden Proctor was no slouch either as he powered to 2nd and #25 Ricky Raaff 3rd

Heat 2 Proctor had a faster pace but could still not catch the champ Durow who took a double win. Proctor with another 2nd spot with #87 Davin Cocker 3rd.

#1 Cameron Durow

MX 50cc;

Now this was something else entirely, with the little kids and the small bikes the mud took the fight to them and won many battles. A lot of kids fell victim to the muddy start either falling over or getting completely stuck in the mud. Heat 1 it was #20 Luan Jordaan that kept on the right lines and had a victory by over 44sec. #117 Trey Dean crossed the line in 2nd place before the 2023 Champion #1 Riley Geldenhuys in 3rd. Geldenhuys showed the people why his bike carries the #1 plate as he came in 1st followed by Jordaan 10.818sec later for the 2nd spot and #141 Allessandro Green 3rd.

MX 50cc B;

Once again this class bore only two riders and once again held the same results. #18 Garry Hamer 1st and #109 Damien Kritzinger 2nd.

#20 Luan Jordaan

MX 65cc;

25 riders roared off as the gate dropped, a bit of a struggle for the 65cc bikes as they hit the mud but the kids were ready for it and kept on going. #42 Aiden Retief put on a good show in Heat 1 as he cruised to too a 47.783 victory over #25 Lou Rademeyer in 2nd, there was no error as #404 took 3rd

Heat 2 Retief laid claim to Heat2 with another win. #345 Rayden Woolls had a good run as he got 2nd place and #85 Ross Mackenzie 3rd.

MX 65cc B;

For the fourth time we see two riders placing the same results. #321 Liam Sterley 1st and #41 Adam Meyer 2nd.

#42 Aiden Retief leading the charge.


Cameron Durow showed off his international quality of racing yet again as he out rode the other 16 riders for a Heat 1 victory followed by #25 Ricky Raaff 2nd and #450 Luke Grundy 3rd

Durow made Heat 2 his fourth win for the day in two classes. The 2nd place was taken by #81 Jayden Proctor and Grundy taking another 3rd.

MX2 B;

Dejavu struck again seeing only two riders, #228 Louis Mostert 1st and #27 Matthew Harris 2nd in both heats.

#1 Cameron Durow with 4 wins in one day.

From the racing we witnessed for the Northern Regionals, we reckon Round 1 of the Nationals is going to be a mind blowing fest of pure racing excitement. 

Round 1 will be taking place at the Legends Adventure Farm this weekend on the 24th of February.

See you all track side soon. 

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