Air Screen System Goggle lenses replacements - Great Airflow - No Fog - No Sweat

Air Screen System Goggle lenses replacements – Great Airflow – No Fog – No Sweat

So, here’s the thing, if you can’t see where you are going, you’re pretty much going nowhere or falling on your head. Too hot or too sweaty, your goggles come off. Too covered in mud – your goggles come off. Not enough airflow – your goggles come off. The nett result is your eyes are then unprotected from the wind, the dust, the rain, the mud and whatever little miggie or monstrous bumble bee that decides to fly into your eyes. Ever been roosted by another rider and not had eye protection? Not fun is it?

We all do it, clambering over the rocks, slogging through the mud, punching your bike up a mountain, we overheat and the first thing to go are the goggles to get better airflow or clear the fog build up. French company ‘Air Screen Systeme’ has an innovative solution that seems so simple we wonder why nobody else has come up with it.

Air Screen System Goggle lenses replacements - Great Airflow - No Fog - No Sweat

They supply replacement lenses for most premium goggles on the market as well as make their own goggles. They have made a contour cut about a quarter of the way around both sides of the lens which then pops out and opens up the sides allowing for significantly better airflow over your face whilst still protecting your eyes from any projectiles, mud and a fair amount of the dust. The really clever bits are the sliding locking system which locks the sides of the lens back in place, making them normal goggles again. And, apparently the incision is that well done that it seals the lens almost perfectly again. To open the lens, slide the clips inwards and to close again just push those same clips against the lens and slide outwards, it is all quite intuitive and you don’t have to remove your goggles to do it. The lenses are designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of leading brand goggles, they have an anti-fog coating to assist with stopping the lenses from misting up and they have an anti-scratch treatment as well, but as we all know, both are only effective to a point with any manufacturer.

So, how does this help for the rain and mud? Well it doesn’t, but they also manufacture and supply a rain and mud protective film that sticks on to the lens. Made from the same stuff that is used in the marine industry to keep the pilots’ cabin windows absolutely clear in the worst of storms. So, theoretically it will keep your goggles free of rain drop and mud splatter with neither being able to adhere to the film. We are told this 50mm ‘hydrophobic film’ has an exceptionally hard coating and will assist with extending the life of your lenses. The packet contains 3 protective films as well as all the necessary wipes and installation instructions. 

That there is the theory and they do look good. However, the importer is that confident in the product that they have given us a set of each to test and report back on. Watch this space, we are giving them to our hooligans at our sister company to test for a month or two, (they do huge off road mileage), and they will give a fair and honest assessment of the product shortly. 

If you would like a pair you can drop an email to or WhatsApp 082 566 1731 – DEALER ENQUIRIES are welcome.

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