Adventure Riders: Leatt’s HydraDri 7.5 ADV boots.

Leatt sent along a set of boots and asked us to put them through their paces. This was the first ride, a 650KM road trip with a bit of river and stuff thrown in…

The boots are still quite new, so we cannot comment on durability, however, we do have several enduro items from the Leatt stable, pants, Jackets and so-on and they have all lasted pretty well so far.

What we like: 

The boots are immediately comfortable, and this is quite important. In the old days it would take a while to become accustomed to the fit. These ones slipped straight on, we fastened them up and took a walkabout, and then a good long ride. The rider who wears these has wider than usual feet and there were no complaints from him. Good fit.

Tip: Correct sizing is key. Just like your everyday shoes, try them on first.


Less straps. 

Only two buckles/straps are fitted down low, with a large Velcro section up top. Easy and simple. Straps tend to come adrift over time and sometimes go missing… Less is more.


We’ve always liked plain, and the brown matches many of the high-end boots already in our collection, (yes we’ve been doing this for a long time…). 

Leatt seems to have paid attention to what sells and gone with a similar look and feel.

Safety features: This is always important:

Ankles: Flex limiter for improved boot control, 3DF Impact foam protection in ankle area.

Shin: Impact reinforced shin plate.

Heel: Shaped support.

Water resistance:

We have learned over time that there is no such thing as a waterproof boot or shoe. We did a few river crossing, feet on the pegs and a bit of splashing… they stayed dry. They also did not get uncomfortably hot or sweaty for the duration of our 650 KM trip and even with the little walkabout we did in between riding. The boots feature the HydraDri EVO membrane which seems to work. 

Oil and petrol resistant sole:

The soles gripped the pegs just fine and were stable, especially at the pesky toll gates where you need to stop. Often there is a mess on the floor, we didn’t slip… And that’s always a good thing.

All in: Comfortable, sensible, light. Time will tell about durability, lots of kilometres coming up. Watch this space…

RRP: R6350.00

At good dealers all over.

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